Cleaning and Care

Your original piece of hand made jewellery has been carefully finished and given a light coating of anti tarnish protection before dispatch. Please take good care of it and store in the original box or any closed container.

Many people forget that jewellery needs washing after use. Dust, pollution and daily wear can effect the finish, and extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics (including hair spray) and household chemicals (such as bleach) can damage your jewellery. Silver can tarnish rapidly when exposed to salty or sulphurous atmospheres, or products containing sulphur, such as rubber gloves and certain paper products. Do not get downhearted, this is often unavoidable, but is worth noting.


It is recommended that you wash your jewellery after use, especially pieces that have close contact with your skin such as pearl chokers and necklaces. A swirl around in a basin of warm soapy water, rinsing, and careful drying will help remove residues, followed by a gentle wipe with an anti-tarnish polishing cloth. Either Town Talk ‘Silver Foam’ (highly recommended), or Haggerty ‘Silver CARE’, both non abrasive silver polishes, will remove any discolouration that may develop, again followed by a gentle wipe with an anti-tarnish polishing cloth. Unfortunately Haggerty products seem to be more widely available at good jewellers than Town Talk. Don’t buy their Silver Foam; Silver Care is the only comparable product.

Rings with highly polished surfaces will, with wear, eventually become matt. Conversely matt surfaces will develop a shine. Nylon pan scourers are ideal for restoring an acceptable matt finish.

If all else fails

If, after reading/ following this advice, you find that you are unsuccessful in maintaining your own jewellery, please do get in touch. I offer a quick, no quibble, aftercare service for cleaning and maintenance, to ensure your jewellery is always in good condition and will last for years. An annual check is recommended for frequently worn fine wire pieces.