“Talk about an artist completely interpreting the brief!”

“Your talent makes me smile and weep with astonishment.”

“My necklace was so beautiful it made me want to cry.”

” We just wanted to say the biggest ‘Thank You’ for creating the most amazing ring. We love it and can’t stop looking at it and admiring it. You are a super star!”

” I really appreciate your skill and sensitivity to our story, which is clearly reflected in the rings. We’ll have to live happily ever after now!”

“Your rings are special and a joy to wear.”

“My ring matches my engagement ring so well and is so comfortable that I rarely notice I am wearing it. Many thanks.”

“We are so happy to have chosen you for all the individual pieces that you made for us, all unique and very beautiful. Your jewellery for me completed my dress so well, in a way I couldn’t have seen, and to have your rings to wear every day is a wonderful reminder of all the uniqueness and beauty and happiness of our wedding day. We can’t thank you enough!”

“A special big thank you for your contribution to our wedding. It made the day very memorable for us both.”

“My necklace and bracelet made me feel special and really set off my dress perfectly. Thank you for all the time you spent getting the design right…don’t know how to thank you enough”

“I had no idea how you were going to create a design that would suit us both, but you did it and we are delighted. Thank you.”

“We were all thrilled with the necklace and you captured exactly what she wanted with the earrings too. We all had a wonderfully happy day and you were part of it.”

“..absolutely thrilled and don’t know how to thank you enough.”

“Thanks, thanks, thank you for the lovely rings. They fit perfectly and are exactly what I imagined.”

“Many thanks for the beautiful work you have done, certainly something to be treasured forever.”

“We had an idea in mind of what we wanted and you made it happen. Thanks for making it so easy.”

“Thank you for making the beautiful jewellery for my wedding day. It was perfect and complemented my dress so well. Everyone commented on how lovely it was.”

“My wedding ring really comes into its own when put with the engagement ring, and fits beautifully.”

“Your design and craftsmanship are just remarkable. It fits perfectly and is absolutely unique and beautiful. Thank you so much for making it for me.”

“Thanks Natalie, the hair pieces and earrings are perfect.”

“Beautiful, and exactly what I wanted.”       “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”